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Welcome to all NYSMF 2015 students! On this page you will find info and links related to getting you here at NYSMF with everything you need.

IMPORTANT: If you are coming to NYSMF for 2015, make sure and DOWNLOAD our welcome packet PDF that includes everything you need to know about what happens when you first arrive, the SUNY Oneonta Campus map, all about registration, auditions, etc.


NYSMF Main Office

The NYSMF Main Office will be HAYS HALL, SUITE 123. Please come here for any issues of payments, private lessons, scheduling, placement auditions, etc. If you arrive late for REGISTRATION, please come to this location directly.

NYSMF Nurse’s Office

The NYSMF Nurse’s Office will be located in HAYS HALL SUITE 127. ¬†A few notes on medications: per New York State Health Department regulations, NO MEDICATIONS MAY BE KEPT IN STUDENT ROOMS AT ANY TIME. This include over-the-counter (OTC) meds, including aspirin, tylenol, etc. Students requiring daily A.M. medications should drop by during the morning office hours. Those requiring P.M. meds should come by in the evening hours. Please be sure to take responsibility for getting and taking your own medications.

Dorms and Dorm Offices

All students will be housed in SHERMAN HALL and FORD HALL. Girls will be housed in FORD HALL and boys will be housed in SHERMAN HALL. Any person of the inappropriate gender in any inappropriate location in a residence hall is subject to immediate dismissal from the festival. Dorm Offices are where you may find each Dorm Director, as well as the “sign out/sign in” book for when you wish to go off-campus with your parents. The girls dorm office is FORD HALL 122 and the boys dorm office is SHERMAN HALL 122.

NYSMF Buildings

Participants in NYSMF may only enter the following SUNY Oneonta buildings:

  • FINE ARTS BUILDING (Goodrich Theatre, Hamblin Hall, Outdoor Amphitheatre)
  • HAYS HALL (Main Office, Practice Rooms)
  • MORRIS HALL (Cafeteria)
  • SHERMAN HALL (Boys Dorm)
  • FORD HALL (Girls Dorm)

Students entering any other SUNY Oneonta building without permission are subject to dismissal from the Festival.

Practice Rooms

Students, faculty, and staff may utilize practice facilities in any of the following locations:

  • FINE ARTS BUILDING (Goodrich Theatre, Hamblin Hall, Outdoor Amphitheatre)
  • HAYS HALL (Main Office, Practice Rooms)
  • SHERMAN HALL (Boys Dorm – Designated areas in Basement and 1st floor only)
  • FORD¬†HALL (Girls Dorm – Designated areas in Basement and 1st floor only)

Your Mailing Address

During your stay at NYSMF, you can be reached via mail at the following address:

<< STUDENT’S Name >>
SUNY Oneonta
(Your Residence Hall Name)
108 Ravine Parkway
Oneonta, NY 13820

*Please make certain that you write “NYSMF” on your letter or package.

Tips on Mailing items to NYSMF

Mail service for NYSMF will be provided by The Shipping Room, in Oneonta and in the Hunt Union building right on campus. Packages and mail will be delivered to your dormitories every evening. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR MAIL ASAP AT THE “CAGE” (aka the front desk of each dorm). Please make sure to send packages at least one full week in advance of your arrival at NYSMF. We cannot take responsibility for lost, undelivered, or missing items. If anything comes for you after you have left NYSMF, we will try to forward leftover mail items or return them to sender. If you need to send anything at the end of your time at NYSMF, please be certain to make all necessary arrangements yourself well in advance of your departure.

Health and Permissions Form

New York State Law decrees that no student shall be allowed to remain overnight at NYSMF unless the student has completed and returned ALL Health and Permission forms to the NYSMF Main Office. Download the NYSMF Health and Permissions form HERE.

What to Bring

Looking for a list of everything you’ll need at NYSMF? Check out our What to Bring page for a handy checklist, available both online and for download as a PDF.

Placement Auditions

All students are required to audition for placement into all performing ensembles, jazz groups, and chamber music ensembles. Placement auditions take place on the first Sunday of each session. Students should prepare a piece of their choice that demonstrates their technical and artistic skills (please note that you may not be required to perform the entire piece). Be ready to play various scales and to sight-read. If you are interested in performing in jazz ensembles or classes, consider in addition preparing a jazz etude or tune to improvise on (optional).

Getting to NYSMF

If you’re looking for a map, driving directions, or public transit directions, head over to our Directions Page for all the information you need.NYSMF-Registration-Info-2015