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The New York Summer Music Festival offers a limited number of scholarships and financial aid packages based on talent and financial need.

Students and parents are encouraged to seek financial assistance from local sources, such as school music organizations; county/state/national music education organizations; youth orchestras and bands; music clubs; service clubs (i.w. Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.); businesses; local churches; foundations; etc.

NYSMF currently offers three different scholarship opportunities, as described below.

Financial Aid and Talent-based Scholarships

If you would like to apply for need-based financial aid or a talent-based Scholarship to NYSMF, visit our FORMS page and download the Financial Aid/Scholarship form.

NYSMF Local Scholarship Program

NYSMF offers special scholarships for Oneonta area music students. This is a fantastic opportunity for local young musicians to gain all the advantages of being a NYSMF student while still living at home. Here are the benefits, requirements, and restrictions for our Local Scholarship Student Program:

Local Scholarship Students will receive discounted tuition rates for 2 or 4 weeks if they choose to not stay on campus.

2 weeks (1 session): $1,400
4 weeks (2 sessions): $2,600

Local Scholarship Students may attend all daily NYSMF programs, classes, ensembles, evening concerts, recitals, and musical events. Local Scholarship Students may eat two meals each day in the NYSMF dining facilities. You may also choose not to participate in the campus meal plan to receive an additional discount.

Local Scholarship Students must arrange for their own drop-off and pick-up each day. This includes any time they are on campus, or at a NYSMF-sponsored activity. Local Scholarship Students are required to check-in at All-NYSMF Choir each morning, and check-out as required with the NYSMF Main Office, or with their assigned staff member.

Local Scholarship Students may not live on-campus in the NYSMF residence halls. Local Scholarship Students may not participate in NYSMF recreational evening activities unless they pay the “Activity Fee”. Local Scholarship Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation home after any evening activity.

To apply for the NYSMF Local Scholarship, simply include a note in your application that you wish to take advantage of the NYSMF Local Scholarship Program, and we will make all the necessary adjustments.

Stanley Kay Big Band Drummer Scholarship

stanleyStanley Kay is well known for his on-going stint as manager of the Buddy Rich Band and also for drumming in Buddy’s stead. Throughout the 1940s, 50s, & 60s Stanley played for musical greats Patti Paige, Frankie Laine and Josephine Baker. He went on to conduct and create acts for show biz icons Maurice and Gregory Hines (“Hines, Hines and Dad”) and actress Michele Lee. In the 1980s he became Entertainment Director for The New York Yankees and in 1992 founded the world-renowned DIVA Jazz Orchestra. Stanley remained DIVA’s creative force and CEO until his passing in June, 2010.

Sherrie Maricle and The DIVA Jazz Orchestra will honor the musical legacy, integrity, creativity and excellence of Stanley Kay through his scholarship, offering an opportunity for a seriously swingin’ big band drummer between the ages of 15—21 to attend any two-week session of The New York Summer Music Festival free of charge. To find out more about the Stanley Kay Big Band Drummer Scholarship and how to apply, CLICK HERE.