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The following checklist will help you to prepare for your time at camp. These are only suggestions; you do not have to bring everything listed here! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For your convenience, you can also download this list as a PDF.

For Registration:

❑ Billing statement
❑ Payment for balance due (if necessary)
❑ Health & Permission Forms (if not already emailed or faxed to us)
❑ Medications (if necessary)

Instrument(s) & Accessories:

❑ Instrument(s)
❑ Portable music stand
❑ 3-ring binder (for music)
❑ Extra accessories, i.e. mutes, valve oils, reeds, pads, replacement strings, bow, rosin, sticks, mallets, etc.
❑ Metronome
❑ Portable amplifier & pedals
❑ Chamber music, duets or solos

Student attire:

❑ Summer clothes for 2 or 4 weeks
❑ 2 sets of concert clothes (white dress shirt or blouse; black pants, socks, & shoes)
❑ Sneakers, sandals
❑ Rain gear, umbrella, hat, cap
❑ Light jacket
❑ Sweatshirt/sweater
❑ Athletic wear, swimsuit

Dorm Living:

❑ Soap, shampoo
❑ Toothpaste, toothbrush
❑ Brush/comb
❑ Bug repellent
❑ Sunscreen
❑ Towels/washcloths
❑ Linens (extra long single sheets)
❑ Pillows and pillow cases
❑ Blankets (2 recommended)
❑ Laundry detergent
❑ Laundry bag

Personal Items:

❑ Change for vending machines
❑ Calling card
❑ Personal electronic devices (laptop, small TV, smart phone, tablet, etc.)
❑ Dorm-size refrigerator (if desired)
❑ Alarm clock / watch
❑ Room fan
❑ Personal food & snacks
❑ Decorative items
❑ Small garbage can
❑ Desk Lamp

Important Notes:

  • Posters and wall hangings are only permitted on tack strips attached to dorm room walls.
  • The laundry machines in the dormitories are free of charge to use (paid for in part by the Activity Fee).
  • Wifi is available for a charge of $20.00 per device.  Once purchased, wifi will work in any building on campus.
  • We recommend that instruments and larger items of value be insured and that you make a record of the items, with description and serial numbers.
  • We cannot assume liability for the loss or damage of any items. Each resident camper will have a key to his/her room. We recommend that rooms are kept locked when not in use.
  • NYS Dept of Health rules require all medications be stored in the nurse’s office, in their original containers. This includes prescription and non-prescription/OTCn medications, including aspirin, Tylenol, etc. Students are not permitted to keep any kind of medications in their dorm rooms.