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tim-vaughnOriginally from Kansas City, Missouri, Tim began studying classical trombone at age ten. Eight years later, he enrolled at Wichita State University on a scholarship to perform in the wind ensemble. This led to a musical burnout and subsequent four-year musical hiatus, during which, Tim explored the fields of advertising, rugby, and journalism before graduating with a marketing degree. It wasn’t until age twenty-three that Tim discovered jazz, rekindling his passion for music.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1999, Tim performed with jazz ensembles and big bands at California State University at Northridge, and studied with trombonist Bill Reichenbach. In addition to infiltrating various college practice rooms and enduring countless 3:00 am shed sessions on the beach, Tim also frequently invaded the musician’s union, crashing rehearsals and disrupting otherwise-musical situations. Two years of southern California was enough, and he eventually took a job with Crystal Cruises, performing on cruise ships and traveling the world for one year before moving to New York in 2002 to study improvisation with pianist Connie Crothers.

A nine-year veteran of the New York scene, Tim has performed and recorded with various ensembles encompassing a broad range of musical styles including Balkan, Afro-Cuban, Latin-American, pop, rock, avant-garde and straight-ahead jazz at venues including Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the main stage at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

In 2009, Tim received a master’s degree in jazz from the Manhattan School of Music, where he studied with Dave Taylor and Gerry Dial. He is now a faculty member at the Manhattan School of Music’s pre-college division, and also teaches through the New York Pops orchestra’s musical outreach program, conducting master classes at various schools in the region. Tim is currently a member of Slavic Soul Party, Gato Loco, Sugartone Brass Band, and Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra, and has performed with Bobby Sanabria’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, Asphalt Orchestra, Folklore Urbano, and various big bands in the city.

Tim’s freelance career has continued to propel his technique and approach through immersion in various styles of world music and improvisation.