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In addition to the ensembles into which they place, NYSMF students are expected to schedule a class, an ensemble, or practice time in every daily block. Changes are permitted until the first Wednesday of each session with the conductor’s/instructor’s permission.

daily schedule

Weeknight Concerts

On many weeknights, students will have the privilege to attend free concerts, performed by the top professional musicians of the NYSMF faculty, staff, and Visiting Artists Series, all of whom have long careers as performing, touring, and recording artists. Attendance is mandatory.

Weekend Schedules

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays require special schedules to accommodate weekend performances and recreational events. Finalized schedules are posted for each weekend day in all NYSMF buildings.

Recreational and Social Activities

During free evening and weekend times, NYSMF students enjoy group recreational activities and social functions, all of which are carefully planned, organized, and supervised by NYSMF’s Dorm Coordinators and staff. Activities include organized sports, movie nights, dances, off-campus trips to local State parks and sporting events, and health/fitness groups. NOTE: Completed Health and Permission Forms are required for participation in all NYSMF activities.

Summer Yearbook “Cadenza”

Students are encouraged to take part in the writing and editing of NYSMF’s summer publication, Cadenza. The yearbook includes articles, drawings, photographs, last wills and testaments, contact information, etc. Cadenza is published at the end of the six-week festival, and is distributed at the Final Dance.