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NYSMF students will have the opportunity to audition for the following performing ensembles.


Chamber Orchestra – Performs challenging repertoire at the end of each week. Concerto audition winners and visiting artists are often featured with the Chamber Orchestra.

Symphony Orchestra – A full-sized, advanced orchestra that performs major orchestral literature. Performs at the end of each two-week session.

Wind Ensemble – Presents repertoire at an advanced level and provides an excellent opportunity for students to perform with counselors, teaching assistants, and faculty members. Performs at the end of each week of the festival.

Symphonic Band – A full-size band in which students perform challenging repertoire. The Symphonic Band performs at the end of each two week session.

Madrigal Singers – A high-level ensemble specializing in advanced-madrigal style music. Literature is chosen from a wide range of works (including traditional madrigals) and is often more challenging than other choral ensembles.

Chamber Choir – A medium-size choral ensemble of advanced singers performing challenging repertoire. The Select Choir generally performs once each week and comprises mainly students and some counselors.


All-NYSMF Choir – A large choir, required for all students and counselors, performing a variety of standard choral music including major works of the choral repertoire. The All-NYSMF Choir is the final ensemble to perform at the end of each session.

Jazz Choir – A choir for those interested in singing in the jazz realm.

Solo Performances

NYSMF offers solo and ensemble performance opportunities, including the student concerto competition and the student recital series. Any student is welcome to audition for a chance to perform in a Student Recital Concert, or as the featured soloist with one of the Festival’s Orchestras. Auditions are held every week, with winners selected by a panel of the NYSMF faculty.

When auditioning for the solo performance program, students must do the following:

  • Bring their concerto solo part and the piano accompaniment with them to NYSMF
  • Sign up for an audition by Monday afternoon
  • Immediately arrange to rehearse with their assigned accompanist
  • Audition at their assigned time on Tuesday evening

One Concerto winner each session will be chosen to perform with one of the festival’s orchestras during an end-of-session concert. Students may audition with a single movement of any standard concerto, which must be played from memory. Auditions for the concerto competition are only held on the first Tuesday of each session.

Winners of the Student Recital Series will perform in either the Sunday concert in the middle of each session, or in the 1:00 pm Saturday concert at the end of each session. Auditionees may perform with their music, or perform from memory. As many as 4 students may be selected to perform in each concert.